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New app pays off for truckers

Jefferson Graham reports on Cargomatic, the "Uber for truckers" which lets them know about new shipments to fill extra space on their rigs, all from an app. #TalkingTech.

How to Use a Load Board Part 1 of 3

I demonstrate how to effectively use the DAT Load Board known as TruckersEdge. Click this link to get your First 30 Days...

CONVOY INTRO - Rubber Duck's Mack RS700 ● American Truck Simulator

HEUTE: Jeder kennt und liebt es - Das Intro des alten Roadmovie-Klassikers "Convoy" aus dem Jahr 1978. In dem von der Presse gefeierten "LKW-Film", dreht sich alles um die Trucker-Legende Rubber...

Truckloads Demo - Free load board app

Truckloads is a free load board app that helps carriers find truck freight. This demo will teach you the basics of our load board and how to use it to find truck loads for you! Download Truckloads...

Testing New Apps

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Truck Stop Hookers

I talk about one of the most commonly asked questions I get as a truck driver. Prostitution and hookers aren't as big of a problem as people think it is. I also talk about a couple personal...

Convoy Technologies TrailerCam

Introducing the World's first wireless magnetic tractor trailer camera. The Patent Pending Trailercam does not require any wiring or cabling for installation and has a range of up to 200 Feet....

Zimbabweans panic as tank convoy seen outside capital, Press Review

Zimbabweans panic as tank convoy seen outside capital, Press Review SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great videos: Follow us on Twitter:

Remember When Phones Were Walkie Talkies?

You know what's terrible? Phone calls. They take a lot of time, they meander, they make your ear sweaty … and if you miss one, you have to deal with the only thing worse than a phone call:...

Truck Traffic Control - Android Gameplay

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